Hello and welcome to all visiting this website.

My name is Roc and my partner’s name is Sharon. Our story is certainly not unique in this day and age. We met in 1989 when the company I was working for, purchased the company Sharon worked for. We worked together for several years until we were “down-sized” and offered severance packages.

We decided to explore all options and opportunities, besides the corporate world, to find the perfect “job”. After months of searching for something that interested us both and that would provide the opportunity to work together, preferably without a two hour commute, we saw an advertisement for a ferment on premises establishment in our home town of Stouffville. Since making wine is a passion that we have shared for about five years, and Sharon has actually been doing it since the early 90’s it seemed like a good idea to see the shop.

To make a long story short, we loved it so much we bought the business and now hope to meet all you wine lovers and share our passion.
Best regards,

Roc & Sharon @ Wine Wine Wine